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Pastor Glenn Leatherman
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Toddlers and Twos

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    Unit 1: Getting Acquainted

    The children are learning about their classroom, friends, feelings and five senses.
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    Unit 10: Creepy Critters

    The children learn the difference between insects and spiders; the parts of an insect; how insects and spiders are our friends.
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    Unit 11: Summer Days

    Patriotism and studies about the ocean mark the dog days summer.
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    Unit 12: Fun in the Sun

    Keeping cool, picnics, and vacations, are the themes of this unit.
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    Unit 2: Autumn Days

    We are learning about seasonal changes, fall fruits & vegetables, and fire prevention & safety.
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    Unit 3: Being Thankful

    We are learning about God's creation and families, and thanking God for blessing us with our family.
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    Unit 4: Happy Holidays

    We celebrate giving, because God gave us the gift of His love through the birth of our Lord Jesus.
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    Unit 5: It's Winter

    Children celebrate the new year and learn about the winter season. We learn about animals that hibernate and animals that live in the arctic region.
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    Unit 6: Communicating Love

    We love each other because God first loved us. We learn about how God created each of us unique. We learn how to take care of our bodies.
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    Unit 7: Community Living

    Some things in our community are man-made; some things God created. We will learn about our community and people who help others in our community.
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    Unit 8: It's Spring

    Spring time brings new growth in plants and trees. The children will observe growth as Lima bean seeds sprout and flower seeds grow.
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    Unit 9: God Made the Animals

    God made all kinds of animals. We will learn about animals that live on the farm, at the zoo, and animals that we keep as pets. The last week of this unit is about birds and eggs.