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Developmental Screening


The Maryland State Department of Education will soon implement a new State regulation for all children in regulated child and early childhood educational programs.

Beginning July 1, 2017, our center will begin a screening program using the Ages & Stages Questionnaire, 3rd edition, published by Brookes Publishing Company. The Ages & Stages - Social Emotional screen will be used if warranted. After July 1, 2017, all children will be screened on the following schedule:

All children - Initial screen within 30 days of enrollment 

Infants-Toddlers - January & July

2/3-year-olds - February & August

3/4-year-olds - September

4/5-year-olds - October

Parents should consider this process as part of required documentation for your children to attend our center or any other licensed child care program in the State of Maryland.


The Process

  1. Screening forms are sent home with a letter requesting parents complete and return within two weeks.
  2. As forms are returned to the office, the Director or designated trained staff tabulates and completes a summery of the screening. 
  3. After the summary is completed, a letter is sent home with request for a conference.
  4. At the conference:
    • Results of the screen are discussed.
    • ASQ-SE is given to parents for completion, if warranted, with a 2-week deadline.
    • Referral form is completed, if warranted. 
  5. Referral is made:
    • After the parent conference, or
    • If the ASQ-SE is completed, another conference will be scheduled after the ASQ-SE is returned and information summaries are completed by the Director or trained designated staff. A referral may be made at this conference. 


Who completes screening forms? Parents / guardians complete and return to the office.

Who tabulates and completes summary? Director or designated trained staff.

How are results communicated with parents? Director schedules a conference with parents after results are tabulated. 

Who/what determines need for Social Emptional (ASQ-SE) screening? 

  1. Teacher request based on documentd observations;
  2. Personal/social development delays in ASQ-3;
  3. Parents written request.

How are parents notified that a Social Emotional screening may be neessary? Via parent conference conducted by the Director with teacher/teacers in attendance.